About this Free Music CD
by Ubud’s Own
“Gunnar & the Deli Cats”

Gunnar Fridthjofsson was the nominal owner of Deli Cat restaurant (where XL Lounge is now) on the Ubud football field until his death around 2008. Before he and his wife Anna (also deceased) came to Bali, they ran a radio station in Norway.  Prior to that he had been a “rock star” in Iceland (member of a band called Trilogy)

Many of the expat community in Ubud in the period around 2003-2008 were frequent visitors to Deli Cat – it was THE hangout then -- where we all got to know Gunnar and Anna, amongst various other local characters.  A couple years after Anna’s death (2005), Gunnar went back to his roots and started writing, arranging and recording songs. They were VERY popular here locally. Songs from here and a couple other single song CD’s are among my all-time favorites. Hits on this CD include:

  • I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone
  • Bossanova Cindy
  • Life
  • I Want to Be Free

Hits from his other CD’s are Peace in Aceh and I Never Want to Sleep Alone (like above but a music video, longer and different background singers).

A mutual friend left a large box (~1,000!) to me of these CD’s that never got distributed due to Gunnar’s untimely death (2008).    So I’m giving these away to others who might appreciate them.  The Smile Shop is selling these too.  If you have any ideas how some worthwhile cause could use these, please contact me (ask at the desk).


ps -- more about Gunnar (use Google Translate):


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