Some Covid-Related Resources for Bali Residents

Last Updated: June 3, 2020

Here are a number of resources to those of us in Bali that may help you in these troubled times, so here's a list of some:

  • Bali Covid-19 Update: Jackie Pomeroy's (a real treasure herself) daily update on Facebook on what's the real status of the Covid-19 situation here. She maintains a list of relevant files, as well as many links to official news sources -- from statistics, to immigration, airlines, ...
  • Covid-19 Mythbusting: a well researched description of the disease that busts many of the BS and myths floating around, e.g. 5G, Bill Gates, ... Warning: if you are offended by profanity, he created a "clean" version of the same thing for you -- see that here.
  • Worldometer Covid-19 Lots of daily stats the world over.
  • Johns Hopkins Covid-19 Dashboard with daily updates and maps showing the distribution
  • How Covid-19 Spreads -- so you can avoid or minimize your risks. Basically social distancing, use of masks, avoid closed in public spaces, wash/sanitize hands, and avoid touching your face. Mainly avoid crowds, especiall indoors.

On more pragmatic notes, here are a few that might be of interest:

  • Our favorite restaurant and food delivery/take-out services in the Ubud area (and some outside). If you're wondering about safety of eating from restaurants, delivery is generally the safest. For those deliberating about eating in, taking out, or delivery, here's the scoop (no surprises): See here
  • Some daily comics (in reruns mostly) to lighten the heaviness: Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side
  • Ted Talks to enlighten, entertain, and amuse you
  • Coursera -- take one or more courses online that you've always wanted to learn, and for free! Some incredibly good courses.

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